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Construction Estimating

Estimators play a critical role in bidding for building and infrastructure projects. FENAK Estimating Services provide our clients with detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing using innovative digital technologies alongside traditional estimating practices to produce accurate and winning bids.

Expert Witness

Disputes arise from time-to-time on construction projects. Your legal advisors will need a report from an unbiased third party with an expertise in construction technology, building code compliance, costs, and contracts. At FENAK, for we use the Scan to BIM process to digitally capture work done to date and costs to complete your project to compile these professional reports.

3D Scanning

Our on-site laser measurement service digitally captures point-cloud data to build 3D models for producing accurate as-built floor plans, elevations, 2D and 3D Files to fit the workflow for property management companies, architects, interior designers, and construction firms. Our company utilizes high accuracy modern 3D Laser scanners. We are capable of scanning a site, building, or components in all stages of a project. In the pre-construction period, we use a 3D scanner to obtain accurate on-site data for excavation and concrete works. During construction, our scanning services assist in project controls to minimize construction errors. In the post-construction stage, we use 3D scanning technology to update the model for property management purposes.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors specializes in controlling costs from a construction project’s conception phase to closeout. FENAK provide innovative and digital tools that help developers, owners, and design professionals plan for and control the costs of their projects.

Animation, 4D and 5D BIM

We offer render and creation of animation videos based on the 3D model as per our client requirements. Additionally, we use a construction schedule to create 4D and 5D models to optimize the construction logic, timeline, workflow, and budget. We use the BIM process to analyze the materials and components to determine economic efficiency, present value (PV) and future value (FV) and installation cost that will reduce clients potential overall cost on the project. We are able to simulate construction based on the project timeline to reduce construction down time.

Project Monitoring

Project Monitors provide an independent advisory service to owners and lenders. At FENAK our expertise is assessing and controlling construction project costs. This ensures that Lenders get that extra security that their capital will not be subject to undue risks, and Owners benefit from this service because it helps them to secure financing and identify any problems during the construction process.

Architectural and MEP 3D Modeling

FENAK offer a wide variety of custom 3D Modeling Services. We can assist you by providing the latest technology in 3D Modeling for Product Conceptual, Design, Modeling and Visualization, to shorten the lead time for Idealization, Conceptualization, and Execution. With extensive experience spanning needs in 3D Rendering Services and 3D design services, we can help you make your construction solution more efficient and profitable.

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